c a p t u r i n g l i f e.

Alive on Love

If ever I have heard a romantic tale - it is the one of Kiera and Jake... no, I am not talking about their chance meeting in a nightclub, with Jake sporting a mullet that could put the 1987 Ellen DeGeneres to shame...

I am talking about them loving each other so hard - they have survived. Both as individuals, and as a couple... they have loved through the odds. And with the kind of love that is strong enough to endure - anyway, still, despite - you know you're onto something special.

These two lovers tied the knot at Council House, and even shared the ring tradition, with their gorgeous daughter. 

Family and friends then celebrated on the river, at Bells Functions, whilst the couple, and their beautiful bridal party took a stroll on the foreshore. 

When they finally joined their guests - it was definitely party time, and the couple danced the night away.

A huge congratulations to you both - it was an absolutely stunning day, and I am so glad I had the pleasure of capturing it. Wishing you both a lifetime of love, laughter, and cuddles!