c a p t u r i n g l i f e.

Love on Swan

I LOVE weddings in cathedrals! The intricate details of the buildings, the ornate pews, the artwork, the alter, the stained glass windows - all of it is just so spectacular and beautiful! Add a gorgeous couple into that mix, and you have yourself one stunning celebration of love. 

Zoe and Tyson tied the knot, surrounded by their loved ones, and celebrated their union in style (even the minister gave them a bottle of red to mark the occasion!).

The couple spent their first few hours as Mr and Mrs strolling along Perth's South Foreshore, with the boys ready to do anything for a good photo op - including beating up their groom and jumping in the river (almost!). 

The party moved to Rambla on Swan - a stunning venue that didn't disappoint. And I have to say - some of the dance moves I was witnessing on the D floor were pretty impressive! I'm fairly confident that one of the groomsmen pulled of a flying drop into the MJ style splits... these guys definitely know how to party. 

A huge congratulations to you both - wishing you all the happiness in the world as you move into this new adventure together!