c a p t u r i n g l i f e.

The Selina Kyle to his Bruce Wayne

Kylie and Jason's wedding has to be one of my absolute favourites this year. Not only was it just generally beautiful - these two embraced their unique love, DC Comic Collection, and the need for a big celebration, and came up with a stunning, albeit superhero themed day.

The wall art, the bouquets, the cake, the bow ties... even the tiny Lego figurines proudly pinned on the button holes. These two had thought of everything, to weave a little Batman and Robin into their day. 

Despite any hiccups along the way (like every fairy light being swept away in the wind!), these two never lost sight of what mattered most... each other. 

Their love was the highlight of the day, and remained front and center throughout. It made for a refreshing and inspiring day.

A huge congratulations to you both (for the second time!!). Wishing you all the love, laughter, and cuddles in the world! x