c a p t u r i n g l i f e.

Truckin' Along

First things first... THE TRUCK CAKE!!! This was the most intricate piece of eatable art I have ever seen! Not only did it look ridiculously realistic, it even had tiny headlights and number plate!! I may, or may not, have become slightly over-excited by this red and blue piece of awesome!!

Check out the Facebook page to get a look at it!

As for the rest of the day? 

One word.


Nina absolutely shined in her gorgeous gown, with it's beaded bodice sending sparkles of light left, right, and centre. Her bridesmaids complimented the colour scheme beautifully, with royal blue gowns, and diamanté details.

The boys didn't scrub up too bad either, however I will not miss having to tell a certain someone to keep tucking in his shirt!! You know who you are!

The Vines Resort, as always, put on a beautiful ceremony and reception setting. The grounds are gorgeous, and we spent the afternoon golf-carting it around, snapping some sneaky kisses in the gardens. 

A huge congratulations to you both! It was an absolute pleasure to be part of your day, and I wish you a lifetime of cuddles, love, and laughter!!