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Newborn Artistry Q+A

What is a Newborn Artistry Print?

Newborn Artistry Prints are artworks that become treasured keepsakes of your newborn's first few moments in the world! The newborn prints are scaled to represent the baby's actual length at birth in a 1:1 scale. They are able to be paired with a matching print to create a beautiful set to hang on your wall.

How does it work?

Easy! When you choose your design and order your newborn print, you simply enter your child's birth details: name, length, weight and date. The artwork will then be scaled proportionally to the baby's length at birth. At the bottom of the print will be their name, along with their other birth details.

What size are the prints?

The size of a Newborn Artistry Print is A2, or 42x59cm. When framed, the final piece is A3 size.

What are the shipping costs?

We ship Australia wide, at no charge.

How long does the delivery take?

The delivery time to Australia is 7-10 working days with our free shipping option.

What payment options do you offer?

We offer Paypal, Afterpay, and Stripe payment gateways.

What paper do you use?

We print on  are printed on 200 gsm satin paper, or 120 gsm satin cloth.

Who is the artist of the paitnings?

Perth based artist, Nicola Anne, painted the newborn images on canvas, and has then graphically adjusted the images to suit a variety of tastes and décor. 

Can I return my print?

As all our prints are custom made, we unfortunately can’t accept returns or offer refunds unless your artwork arrived damaged.

I've made a mistake in my order, can you change it?

Changes must be received within 2 hours of the order being placed to ensure there are is additional cost associated with a re-print of your artwork. If changes are made outside of this timeline, a re-print fee of $35 may be required.